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Software used in this project

The following is a list of the software installed in the M.A.M.E. 2K project:

Operating System

MS DOS 6.22
Emulator M.A.M.E. .37b10 (AMAME) 
Front End ArcadeOS
Mouse Support MS Mouse.exe
Network Support MS DOS Redirector from Winnt Server CD
Sound Support Creative Sound Blaster 16 drivers

I use a standard MS DOS install with sound and mouse drivers and boot directly into ArcadeOS. I can exit AOS and load network drivers if any updates are required. I store a backup of roms on my fileserver. I have the latest beta of MAME installed I probably won't update it much, unless some major changes occur or a new rom set I'd really want to try was added. I also have the latest highscore.dat file and history.dat file. It is a pretty standard installation.