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DFI K6BV3+ Motherboard AMD K62-333 Processor
KDS 19 inch Monitor SVGA Standard case
128MB PC100 SDRAM Standard keyboard (hidden behind coindoor)
Daimond Stealth 32mb Video card Intel E100b 10/100 NIC
4 Gigabyte Western Digital HD Powered Labtech Speakers
Creative Labs Sound Blaster16   

Arcade parts

2 Happ Super 8 way joysticks Happ horizontal style pushbuttons various colors
Happ 3inch trackball Fultra spinner (DIY kit converted to full)
2 slot coin door in cab when I got it  
Other parts
Power strip Light switch outlet combo for power

13/16 Carriage bolts and nuts/washers

Particle board and Plywood

Vents for back panel

2 4inch 12volt electronic fans




    The monitor is a 19" KDS (Korean Data Systems.)  It is mounted in the cabinet on a shelf which I installed that is just slightly higher than the original monitor shelf. I just sat three pieces of 3" particle board cut from the same piece on the original shelf and mounted them in place, to hold up the new shelf. Then I mounted some more strips on the insides of the cabinet on the same angle as the cab itself and cut a piece of 1/2" plywood for a face plate around the monitor.