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Control Panel 2.0

 Before adding any controls

Completed control panel 2.0

I've recently made a new control panel for MAME2K. My wife and I always wanted a trackball and spinner since the beginning. The problem was the original control panel was very cramped with 6 buttons per player and 2 joysticks. The goal was to build a new control panel out of wood. I just happened to be replacing my kitchen cabinet doors with ones I built. The old doors happened to be flat and about 5/8" thick  perfect for the control panel project. I took a while with the design as my cabinet was originally a Tempest that someone trashed by converting to Mat Mania :(   It is not open on the sides of the panel.  I wanted to keep the same basic joystick and button layout and work in the trackball and spinner in the middle. I used Lusid's templates for the joystick and button layout as well as a trackball template he provided on his site. My panel design is also similar to Lusid's, but the spinner and trackball are reversed. Also my wife Madelynne made an awesome control panel overlay which we applied with contact paper. It turned out really nice.